Knowledge and support

RJP Capital Ltd, is headed up by Managing Director, Richard Parris, and together with his team of top consultants and the advisory support on which we can call, has a wide range of skills; knowledge across various business areas, combined with many years of practical “hands-on” experience to offer both companies and investors.

Before introducing any company to investors, RJP Capital Ltd will work with the selected companies to develop and fully understand their business plans.

This support could not only include the provision of funding, but also board representation, short or long term, that RJP Capital Ltd would be able to provide through the advisory contacts we have developed and are continuing to develop.

Our continuing involvement and support to such companies is a key component of our business strategy and which we believe differentiates us from the rest.

Skills and experience

Equity fund raising including standard equity issues, staggered fundraising schemes (“trombone issues”) and issuance of convertible Capital Bonds
Cross-border experience in Petroleum, reservoir & drilling engineering, plus excellent understanding of reserves classification & their implication on financial reports
Interim management, experience at Chair, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Finance Director level for companies within various industries
Project financing of oil & gas, renewable energy and medical schemes
Management of innovative hydrocarbon development projects – various backgrounds
Direct project management experience ranging from small-scale projects ($8m – $3billion)
Experience of government level negotiations in variety of countries
Exit strategy to include advising on a private sale or to advise on listing the company for IPO
Turnaround specialist / specialism
Equity fund raising via its existing depth of High Wealth Individuals across the world
Both PLC and Private company Board experience
Risk management procedures across all business areas
City and investor relations presentations
Cross-border mergers, acquisitions, and disposals across various countries

Always looking forward

Our diverse expertise allows us to manage an investment from the initial identification of an opportunity throughout the fund-raising process. Once the fund-raising process is complete, during the course of our investment, we will continue to work together with management teams to ensure that the interests of the investors introduced by RJP Capital Ltd. are protected as far as possible.

As RJP Capital Ltd. develops, we will continue to keep strengthening our advisory network to allow us to consider as wide a range of business opportunities as possible.

RJP personnel and special advisors

Richard Parris


Together with the advisory support, Richard has a wide range of investment skills and knowledge, combined with many years of practical hands-on experience within multiple business areas to offer both companies and investors alike.

Before introducing any company to investors, Richard and RJP Capital Ltd will work with the selected companies to develop their business plans. This support could include the provision of funding and also board representation, short or long term. Richard and RJP Capital Ltd are able to provide this through the advisory contacts we have developed and are continuing to develop.

Richard and RJP Capital Ltd’s continuing involvement and support to such companies is a key component of our business strategy, which we believe differentiates us from the rest.

Danny Callow

Independent Advisor
for Mining

Danny Callow is a qualified mining engineer from the Camborne School of Mines, and an MBA from Henley Management College, UK. He has close to 30 years’ experience in the mining industry, having worked predominantly in gold and base metals.

Danny has experience in developing and building greenfields and brownfields projects from exploration, construction, steady state through to closure, and has built more than US$2.5 billion in projects throughout his career.

He has worked for large corporate companies, such as Goldfields and Glencore, and has operated in senior and executive positions over a number of years. Danny holds a professional Post Graduate Non-Exec Directors diploma and has served on a number of boards throughout his career.

Danny is currently the President and CEO of African Gold Group, who are constructing a new 100,000oz gold project in southern Mali. Danny also holds board positions in Eurosun Mining and is a director of QuestCap Inc, a Canadian listed investment company.

Danny is pleased to offer assistance to RJP Capital for assessing investment in the mining space.

Chris Einchomb

Independent Advisor
for Oil and Gas

Chris Einchcomb has 38 years experience in the oil industry with BP, Russian joint ventures and Rosneft Oil Company.

Chris managed a seismic acquisition company with a strong focus on improving operational and HSE performance. He also gained experience as a Director and Chairman of a small start-up exploration company raising money to conduct operations.

Chris has broad global experience with success achieved in Africa, Asia, North and South America, Russia and Europe. He is Currently consulting for a technology start-up company aimed at improving oil and gas, geothermal, mining and other clients ability to visualise the subsurface.

Mike Hedley

Independent Advisor
for Agriculture

Mike Hedley has recently retired as the Professor in Soil Sciences and Director of the Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre at Massey University, New Zealand.

He has extensive research experience in fertiliser development research and agricultural projects designed to minimize the impact on the environment of grazed pasture and arable farming systems. Mike has particular interests in sustainable agriculture projects and has conducted extensive research on greenhouse gas reduction and climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration into soils, developments that minimise the bioavailability of fertiliser contaminants in soil and management techniques capable of reducing the diffuse runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural land.

In tertiary education, he has led the development of the professional development courses in Sustainable Nutrient Management offered in New Zealand to rural professionals working in the primary industries.

Mike Shaw

Independent Advisor
for Property

Mike is a Director of Savills a global property company having joined the company in 1978. Mike has remained in Savills through incorporation and became a Director in 1990.

Based in Cambridge and London Mike is primarily responsible for strategic land matters affecting landowners, housebuilders and institutions across the UK.

Mike sits amongst a national team of surveyors, planners and agents of nearly 700 people offering a service to a wide range of clients involved in development either pre-planning at the planning stage or during delivery.

Mike is supported by a busy network of departments offering research, advice into all forms of housing, commercial property, retail, energy etc.

Mike and his team concentrate on analyzing development opportunities, valuing the same and providing advice to a broad range of clients.

Mike’s knowledge of the housebuilding industry and housebuilders and promoters allows him a very close working relationship with the industry and the ability to identify problems and solutions to produce successful development schemes across the UK.

Alec Parris


Alec Parris recently graduated from Loughborough University; receiving a 1st Class Honours in BSc Financial Mathematics, excelling in all subjects.

Despite his young age, Alec has great experience within the hospitality industry and within start-up tech firms. Now joining RJP Capital Ltd, Private Equity company based in London, Alec will be working on a 3-month interim where he will be covering all sectors of finance, due-diligence and feasibility studies.

Alec brings great enthusiasm and energy into the team and assists across all aspects of the firm.

His main interests are fitness, sport, food and networking.

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