Our strategy

RJP Capital invests in small and middle market operating companies, targeting equity investments generally between $1 million and $200 million and in companies with revenues generally between $10 million and $1 billion.

The firm pursues opportunities where it can provide meaningful value to a management team through the previous industry experience or other institutional expertise of its investment professionals. Assessment of the most suitable form of external capital or outcome that fits the requirements of all parties. Funding can be constructed to suit the client, methods handled include loan notes, an equity raise, coupons, rights issues or arranging senior debt.

Characteristics of target investments

Industries in which the firm’s principals have significant operating experience

Strong incumbent management team with a vision for the future of their company

Industries with attractive long-term growth trends

Critical supply relationships with customers

Potentially out-of-favour industries with improving prospects

Fragmented industries, which can benefit from consolidation

Sustainable barriers to entry

Current primary focus areas

Oil and Gas

Renewable Energy

Health and Medical



Sports and Leisure

Equity investments

RJP Capital also pursues select minority equity investments in companies in need of capital for growth, to make add-on acquisitions or to assist in ownership transitions.

RJP Capital’s financing philosophy is to utilize modest leverage, preferring to generate attractive returns through earnings growth and expanding the valuation multiple through building larger, more valuable enterprises with improved operations.

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