RJP Capital and Managing Director Richard Parris, welcomes Mike Shaw as an Independent Advisor for the Property sector.

Mike is a Director of Savills a global property company having joined the company in 1978.  Mike has remained in Savills through incorporation and became a Director in 1990.

Based in Cambridge and London Mike is primarily responsible for strategic land matters affecting landowners, housebuilders and institutions across the UK.

Mike sits amongst a national team of surveyors, planners and agents of nearly 700 people offering a service to a wide range of clients involved in development either pre-planning at the planning stage or during delivery.

Mike is supported by a busy network of departments offering research, advice into all forms of housing, commercial property, retail, energy etc.

Mike and his team concentrate on analyzing development opportunities, valuing the same and providing advice to a broad range of clients.

Mike’s knowledge of the housebuilding industry and housebuilders and promoters allows him a very close working relationship with the industry and the ability to identify problems and solutions to produce successful development schemes across the UK.

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