RJP Capital Ltd. has been engaged to do a raise for Monica Healthcare. We are seeking funding of £300,000.00. Monica has already obtained EIS approval from HMRC. Below is a brief overview of the product.

​Formed in 2005, Monica Healthcare’s unique FDA-approved wearable fetal monitor product (endorsed by GE-Healthcare) is exported to the USA, Brazil, Russia, India, China and the EU. The device uses wireless technologies to monitor and transmit real-time data such as fetal heart-rate, uterine contractions, maternal heart rate and more.

Women all over the world benefit from the technology during labour & delivery, with potential to leverage the core technology into wireless healthcare applications in the home for high-risk pregnancies in the future through collaborations such as the existing one with WIPRO and Microsoft.

The Monica AN24 is a wearable, wireless device that accurately monitors FHR, MHR, UA and maternal activity.

The Monica AN24 has been both FDA and CE approved. In October 2013 MHC announced they signed a marketing agreement with GE Healthcare who distributes Corometrics™, a Maternal/Fetal monitor used at over 2,000 hospitals throughout the US. Combining the Monica AN24 with the Corometrics™ platform provides an innovative monitoring solution that can support patient comfort and gives another monitoring option for clinicians in Labour & Delivery.

Monica are seeking finance to take their next generation product to market. Called the Novii Wireless Patch, it is based around a single-use patch attached to the pregnant abdomen which will bring further clinical benefits and generate a recurring revenue stream for Monica. The Company is very close to signing up with global companies, 2 long term distribution agreements for the Monica Novii for sales in the USA and the EU.

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